Ilexit International certification It guarantees

based on principles of legality and transparency that confirms the high quality of any website approved

Legality and Protection

Adherence to the ILEXIT Code of Conduct obliges the website to ensure that the visitor/user/consumer can always consult the form and manner in which his/her rights are contractually guaranteed


The provision of information on the identification data of the Data Controller and Data Processor of the website, the procedures for processing and protection of personal data , e-commerce basket, security scans and automatic legal


Benefits the certified website The enhanced confidence inspired by websites boasting certified elevated web quality positively influences the choices and preferences of consumers and visitors to the site..

Automatically Prevents Attacks

Ilexit monitors your website 24x7 for vulnerabilities and attacks, which means you can worry less about your website and more about your business.

Boosts Customer Trust

Over 70% Customers look for a sign of security before providing personal details online. The Ilexit Web Quality Trust Seal not only re-assures customers but also boosts sales.

Ilexit Certification

certification confirms that the website complies with a programme of elevated protection and guarantee for the visitor/user/consumer